Missing good opportunities to expose radical government setting us up to fail.

I believe the success of the conservative movement is a foundation of state/individual right vs. big government.  Government sets us up to fail, then points fingers, grabs more power, and institutes even more regulation.

Conservative leaders are missing the opportunity to tie all the happenings these days (offshore drilling, financial debacle, illegal immigration etc..) to this central message.  It’s all related.

CROWLEY: And would you stop any idea of leasing areas, now, for offshore drilling or any building until we find out?

RUBIO: Well, I think it’s premature to make statements like that. I will say, however, that I hope the inquiry will be taken seriously. I’m sure that it will. We’re going to wait for all that to happen before we, you know, make hard-edged pronouncements on what the future should be with regards to this.

I hope Rubio isn’t starting to waffle here.  Someone please tell Rubio(and all other conservatives) his message should be,  as Vladimir pointed out in a recent entry, “I am for drilling in safer places.   Why is the federal government roping off all the safer drilling areas like on land, and shallower shelf drilling?    If the federal govt would quit forcing private companies to drill in deep places which are riskier this would have never happened.  ”   Drilling in those deep areas should be one of the last options, but government forces the oil industry’s hand.

This is a prime opportunity for conservatives to highlight the danger imposed by federal government.  Expose the federal government forcing companies to take higher unnecessary risk and then turning around and blaming them.

Look at the financial breakdown, federal government was key in driving subprime loans in the name of equality and then when things go very wrong they demonize the other players.  Not that there weren’t other players to blame, but the government always gets off the hook.

Look at the illegal immigration situation.  The federal government doesn’t do its job its already paid to do on the border while taking more of our tax money.  It’s like a cop being paid to work the front door at a bar carding patrons then turning around and writing the establishment a ticket for serving minors!

Not to mention the prime opportunity to call out the left wing flapping about their sanctuary cities.  They should be challenged and called out to take in illegals they claim they want.  Put up or shut up.

A left wing/big government sets up industry to FAIL, then swooping in to take more control and institute even more regulation.This is not just for political gain, but common sense.   Republicans/conservatives are already at a disadvantage battling the propagandist useful idiot media and that gets compounded when we leave the easy opportunities stranded on base.