Obama creates real jobs in IL, or ACORN community organizing coming home to roost?

Great news!

There are over 500 real jobs coming to IL, high paying too.

Among the vacant positions in Schaumburg: One opening for a training specialist, with a salary of $88,055 to $145,697; a slot for a facilities services assistant, with a salary of $43,396 to $69,061; and three positions for counsels, who will be paid $107,799 to $202,515.

Pretty impressive, but wait, there’s more!

Ooops, they are government jobs.   Double oooops, they are for a new branch of the FDIC for liquidating failed banks.  What has been going on in IL? ACORN? Community organizing?

That suggests that the pace of Illinois bank failures is likely to remain brisk. In 2009, regulators seized 21 banks statewide, topped only by Georgia.

Wow, IL in 2nd place in bank failures?   That ACORN community organizing must really be "paying off", NOT!