Yuri Bezmenov on subversion and useful idiots. Conspiracy or human nature?

Yuri Bezmenov (now Tomas Schuman) on subversion and useful idiots.

Get on your tinfoil hats for these interesting videos done several years ago by a Russian defector that was involved in propaganda and subversion.

In this section he says the James Bond 007 stuff was only a small part of the KGB but 85% was a slow long term process of 4 stages:

1) Demoralization-  15-20 years to educate/brainwash up to 3 generations of people, once liberals are brainwashed they cannot be changed or reasoned with.  Exposure to true information does not matter to them after that.  Sound familiar?

2) Destabilization  2-5 years of defense, economy, foreign relations

3) Crisis  as little as 6 weeks for radical change

4) Normalization  establishing the new status as the new norm.



When watching these lectures you will recognize many parallels to what we experienced in our history and what we have going on today.  It gives a perspective behind the motives of the left, some more knowingly and many unknowingly(plenty of useful idiots).

Is there a powerful subversive movement or is it human nature for many on the left?

7 interesting videos that have much relevance to our struggles today and well worth watching with a surprising conclusion.


It would make an interesting discussion about how much subversion and conspiracy is going on today vs. brainwashed idiots perpetuating socialism in the name of fairness and equality.  Is it just a progression of more and more people in an entitlement society or something more to it?