Ripple effect.

Despite the outcome of today’s election (hopefully a Brown win against all odds), there seems to be an awakening of America in a short period of time and we are finding it only takes a few events to have ongoing ripple effects.

Once you stand for something and head down the right path, many good things can happen in a hurry.  The early success of the tea party movement resulted in some great congressional race challenges that will do much to spark new energy and a new trajectory for conservatives.

I think a prime example of the ripple effect, Norm Coleman just announced that he would not run for MN Gov citing “timing” and a family vote.  He didn’t mention some poor polling results were a factor.

Coleman only confirmed his old school McCainoid thinking when asked about not entering the MN Gov race, he said the timing wasn’t right but if he did run he “knew how to reach across the aisle” to work with friends on the other side. Like that is a big plus to succeed?   Geez, it’s amazing that politicians don’t learn much, I guess that’s what happens when you are isolated from the people inside the beltway.  Norm and his ilk will never be able to fight a war if they never acknowledge there is a war being waged on them.  I’m sure he is a well intentioned nice guy but I’m glad he is sitting this one out.

The positive ripple effect will be that those who are not legit solid conservatives will see the writing on the wall and hesitate to enter races, and that solid conservatives will come out of the woodwork to answer the call and run.  I firmly believe that movements inspire people to step up and lead more often than leaders create movements.   It will be much easier to strengthen the Republican side with better choices to give people something to vote “for”.

That will be a good thing.