Brown better play hard 'til the whistle blows.

As I am reading more and more stories about Brown’s lead and good chances to win I just can’t help but be cautious.  Especially the defeatist talk by rabid lefties in the media calling the race for Brown.    It is surely good news but should not cause Brown and his supporters to let up at the goal line and take a knee to let the clock run out.  Brown has to win convincingly to avoid any of the election shenanigans by the leftist scum involved.

Either there is backlash of sorts even amongst the left nuts against Obama not being radical enough for their support, or the media is getting tired of carrying the water, realizing they have been dupes, or it is a rope a dope effort to tamp down the Brown uprising support.

That will be sorted out soon enough, until then, Play hard until the whistle!