Government jobs exceed Goods producing jobs

All things are going according to plan for MaObama

Jobs report for Dec shows a loss of 85,000 jobs, but the government is hiring!  (3,300 jobs in Dec to the federal payrolls)

chart of the day, goods-producing workers vs. government payroll

The Goods Producing category currently includes less than a million workers in mining and logging, about 6 million in construction, and 11.7 million in manufacturing.

The Government category includes 2.8 million federal employees and almost 20 million state and local workers, just over half of whom work in education.



This doesn’t include any of the latest ambitions such as socialized medicine, SEIU EFCA initiatives, cap and tax etc…  Not to mention the heavy ongoing future liability of pension and health care costs even if, by some miracle, we reversed the government job trend.  Brian Hibbert did a diary recently on pension costs and its staggering how little the public knows about being ripped off by career government bureaucrats.

I recently posted a diary http://www.redstate.com/common_cents/2010/01/06/obamanomics-and-future-of-jobs-jobs-jobs/on a Burea of Labor report on the top jobs for this new decade under Obama.  Downright scary.

1. Registered nurses

2. Home health aides

3. Customer service representatives

4. Food preparation and serving workers

5. Personal and home care aides

6. Retail salespersons

7. Office clerks

8. Accountants

9. Nursing aides, orderlies and attendants

10. Postsecondary teachers


Hot job for the decade, retail sales clerk?  Gee thanks Barry.   Those Christmas retail sales reports were real rosy eh?   How much more can the private sector hold on with the every growing weight of government on its back?  Obama to the rescue, of course they really stirred things up at the recent “job summit” where Obama’s best idea to create jobs?   Cash for Caulkers. 

Real job growth will not return until government removes the obstacles that prevent small businesses from expanding. Washington must end its assault on capital formation, entrepreneurship and profits. With more regulations and higher taxes, government effectively places a heavy tax on job creation, which is why so many are now unemployed. The oldest axiom of economics is:if you want less of something, tax it. Peter Schiff. 1/8/10

How can the left ignore this?  I think it is more that they don’t care and they are continuing to stay on plan to fundamentally change America.

In addition to Cash for Caulkers, Obama employ 1.15 million temp workers for the census.  Gee, wonder what organization you have to belong to to get that gig? 

In another government boost, the Census Bureau will hire 1.15 million temporary workers in the first half of the year to conduct the population count that takes place every 10 years. That hiring may boost payrolls by a peak of 700,000 in May before those workers begin getting dismissed in June, according to a forecast by economist Lori Helwing at BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research in New York.

“They’re going to hire an army of people,” said Julia Coronado, a senior economist at BNP Paribas in New York. “In some sense, this acts as a stimulus package and is a timely coincidence, coming so early in the recovery.”

Watch Obama use the stimulus one and stimulus two(coming soon to a A-CRONY office near you) to create all these temporary government “makework” type jobs to artificially boost employment at election time.  Of course Christina Romer chimes in on the typical BS spin of its going to get better waa, waa, waa. 

Stimulus 2 will be sold as necessary and they won’t tell you anything about how effective Stimulus 1 was other than Bush really wrecked things worse than expected.  No accountability of where Stimulus 1 was spent, since it has become a Dem re-election slush fund.  Hey, why not one more tapping of the well?

An important tidbit is the average workweek was unchanged at 33.2 hours near the low which indicates there is plenty of slack to take up before anyone(outside the gubmint) thinks about hiring.