Obamanomics and future of jobs, jobs, jobs

Just saw this report from Bureau of Labor Statistics on the job opportunities for the decade.   Wow, how depressing is this list?   This is what people have to look forward to under Obama.  Is this the change people naively voted for?  I doubt they will like reality.  The drunken utopian party is over and the hangover is setting in quickly.

You would probably laugh if this top ten list was featured on the idiot Letterman’s show thinking it was a joke.

Dixie Sommers, assistant commissioner for the Bureau of Labor Statistics, recites a list of the 10 occupations that the BLS expects will provide the greatest number of new jobs over the next decade. These include:

1. Registered nurses

2. Home health aides

3. Customer service representatives

4. Food preparation and serving workers

5. Personal and home care aides

6. Retail salespersons

7. Office clerks

8. Accountants

9. Nursing aides, orderlies and attendants

10. Postsecondary teachers

7 of the top 10 jobs have or will have a significant amount of government input and/or control.   For all the failures of unions in the private sector, there have been a couple Redstaters such as Achance saying, so what, they are going after the government sector full force.  5 of the top 10 are directly related to nutrition and health care, golly gee what a surprise.  The brass ring is nationalizing health care and unionizing all the health care workers.  Look at the list again and see how strong a union could be with government in control of 1/6th of our economy.

“6 of the top 7 are low skill, low wage jobs. ”   Prof Katz via npr

Katz says the challenge is to move those jobs up the skills ladder. There’s no reason, he says, that home health care workers couldn’t be better educated to provide patients with greater value and, as a result, command higher wages to improve their own living standards.

“So [by] professionalizing those types of jobs, we could have a very optimistic vision of an economy,” Katz says.

How that might square the goal of spending less on health care isn’t clear.

Katz argues it wouldn’t necessarily require spending more on education, but rather changing what’s taught to focus more on different skills like problem solving, interpersonal relations and teamwork.

Perfect for Obama’s civilian army of serfs.  “PROFESSIONALIZING” these jobs?  So, let’s take low skill, low pay jobs, call them some fancy name, unionize them, federalize them and poof give them a raise and government benefits, professionalized!   Kinda like affirmative action for unskilled, low pay workers.    Let’s re-edumacate them, through goverment funded education to focus on problem solving, relations get in their faces, and teamwork community organizing.  And we have no idea how it’s going to effect the cost of health care and lower the deficit.  LOL. sounds like punting on second down to me.

Just to regain the jobs we’ve lost will be a huge challenge, says Harvard University labor economist Lawrence Katz. “We would need well over 300,000 [jobs] a month for four years in a row just to make up what we’ve lost in the last couple of years,” Katz says.

He says there are very few periods in U.S. history when job growth has been that strong.

“So we’re in a very deep hole,” Katz says. “A normal recovery will not get us there for a very long time.”

Gee, what was the DEM controlled congress doing 3 years ago besides throwing gasoline on the fire?  And can any DEM look into the camera and provide one example of how increased government regulation and higher taxes has ever created a job outside of the government?  Their answer is, ah, I see things are precisely as we planned, more government employment and dependence.

Whew, at least accountants made the list.  More and more people will probably find it rewarding to have a professional to do their taxes to legally minimize their burden of the government monopoly monstrosity before them.  But, the noose is tightening:

This week, the IRS sent letters to 10,000 preparers nationwide who did large volumes of filings and where frequent mistakes were found. Those preparers will be visited by IRS agents, according to James Dupree, IRS field media relations in Baltimore.

IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman is pushing for a requirement that all paid tax preparers who do federal returns register with the IRS and obtain an identification number. The preparers will be subject to compliance checks to ensure they have filed federal personal, business and employment returns and paid all taxes due on those.

Shulman also is advocating competency tests for paid preparers, with exemptions for CPAs, attorneys and enrolled agents who are active and in good standing with licensing agencies. The commissioner wants to require continuing professional education and extend ethical rules to include paid preparers. http://www.istockanalyst.com/article/viewiStockNews/articleid/3759636

Have no fear, don’t get too bummed out because there are glimmers of hope with alternatives like:

For those who want to spend less time in school than accountants and nurses, but still make good money, Sommers suggests firefighting or becoming a sales representative for a manufacturer

Firefighting?  huh?  Aren’t most communities pretty much volunteer?  Or is this some harbinger of upcoming civil unrest or underpants bombers?

But wait, there’s more!, if you act now we’ll include a how to book on this exploding and rewarding career!

Finally, over the next decade, the best-paying, fastest-growing job that also requires little training is truck driving. According to the BLS, the folks driving the big tractor-trailer rigs earn about $37,000 a year on average.

Ah, don’t you love the optimism of our government?   A freakin truck driver?  Oil is shooting back up over 80, government monopoly doing what it can to wreck the economy, companies laying off drivers left and right, and we need more truck drivers?  This is not to knock truck drivers at all as that is a thankless tough freakin job to keep the big rig rolling with plenty of pressure to squeeze every minute out of every day to be on time through rain, sleet, snow, bad road food, and Priuses that take a 10 foot opening in front of you to change lanes.  I used to depend on them greatly in my former food mfg biz and they always did an excellent job.


This is not intended to knock anyone who pursues their dream in any of the above occupations as I am glad we have a great diversity in this country.  If you’ve spent time in a hospital your self or visited a loved one in a care facility, you realize that health care workers are freakin saints!  I could never do it.  Everyone’s American dream can be quite different but this is quite telling of how the huge unchecked federal government is impacting our lives more and more each day.