Stimulus report: Infrastructure being built!

But it’s not roads and bridges.

It’s socialized medicine rationing infrastructure.  500 pages worth from the feds, all for a few billion(reported as much as $45billion) in payoffs.

Notice how often “Feds” will be quoted in health care articles from now on and tell me its not socialized medicine.

Feds Unveil Incentive Plan For Electronic Medical Records

Late Wednesday, Health and Human Services officials unveiled more than 500 pages of proposed rules on what doctors and hospitals have to do to collectbillions of dollars in stimulus money for switching from paper medical files to computerized health records. Basically, they have to show they’re using electronic systems to meaningfully improve care.

A simple sounding phrase–meaningful use–is the key that could open a vault of federal bonus bucks for doctors and hospitals.

By Scott Hensley

December 31, 2009

8:55 am


Notice that the “FEDS” don’t really care that hospitals actually share information & whatnot to improve your health but rather “they need to show that they have capability to transmit health info”  including vital signs.  If not amongst medical professionals, then who?    So why, if you really care about our health, wouldn’t you encourage more sharing of info amongst medical professionals?

(put your tin foil on)  Could it be that your true intention is to make sure the “FEDS” can access all kinds of medical info at their whim?

Rationing would be kinda tough without information.  You know, without patient specific information, you’d have to do rationing in a fair minded way, like across the board.  With electronic patient information at the fingertips of elected elite and appointed HHS goons they can be a little more specific.

I am all for more efficient ways to deliver more accurate, affordable health care.  It’s the concentration of info in the federal government’s hands that bothers me.  Too much potential for damage there.

The feds did release  this proposed rule today regarding certification criteria. But Scott Decker, president of the EMR shop NextGen, pointed out to us that it’s still not clear what body will be doing the certifying.

There is an existing certification group, but the feds haven’t said for sure whether that group will be the key for getting a stimulus-ready system. “The lack of a certification body at this stage is a problem,” Decker said.


I’m sure some HHS czar will tell us who will certify the record systems.  Probably someone in the DNC office, “Yep, all the records and names are coming through fine.”