I wish the entire left was like Al Franken.

Yes, I do.   What?! you say,  He is a rude unqualified charlatan that should never have been elected!   Before you bash me while thinking “how dare you!”,  please read on.

I wish every last one of the DEMS were just like Al Franken.  And I am from Minnesota too!  (But I didn’t vote for the scum, we should have our water checked, something ain’t right in the land of 10,000 lakes and two bum senators.)    You’ll read stories and diaries about Al Franken the attack dog violating decorum around the cesspool in DC.  How he is disrespectful, rude, angry, and does not deserve to be there (I agree there was a sham of election shenanigans here in MN to get him elected).

On the other hand, we have many diaries blasting the GOP for being too cordial and not recognizing war has been waged on them for how long now?  Our GOP still calling everyone on the left as “their great friend and Patriot American colleague across the aisle”  (excuse me, I just threw up in my mouth a little.)

I wish the entire left was just like Al Franken.   Why?

Because, while Al Franken thinks EXACTLY the same as the rest of the left,  he shows it outwardly and acts it out.  He cannot keep it in.   He is OBVIOUS.   Al Franken is boldly wearing a uniform of the left.  He is not hiding behind women and (We’re doing it for the…) children, protecting America, etc….  He is not hiding behind all the other faux excuses the rest of the left uses to cloak their plans.

I ask you, who is easier to spot?   A Franken or any one of the rest of the left heavily camouflaged?   Especially for our GOP “leadership” that still has the blinders on?

Al Franken will probably end up defeating himself, prematurely detonating his bomb of a career that will fizzle out, mostly hurting himself, like firecrackers in his lap.   He is easy.

If only the rest of the left would be like Al Franken.

MN’s other senator(do I have to capitalize this anymore?  I’m not gonna), Amy Klobuchar.  Has anyone ever even  heard of her?  I doubt she’ll ever be rude to anyone.  I’m sure she is a real nice lady.  Friendly to talk to, kind, considerate, probably even meant very well as she was sent off to DC ready to help.    She is the type that could be a long time multi multi term senator from the land of 10,000 lakes and enough ACORNS and left wing government plants to rig close elections.

She’ll probably never make many headlines but guess what.

Klobuchar probably quietly, nicely, considerately, take her marching orders in order not to offend anyone and RUBBER STAMP nearly every major left wing agenda, year in and year out for multiple terms.

A quick record check say she has been rated in the middle to upper half most liberal of DEMS.   Including F ratings on lower taxation issues, and 100% ratings for killing the unborn.   She has enjoyed high ratings in MN even from many REPS.


While we bash the Franken’s of the left which deserve it, we have to realize that Franken is really NO DIFFERENT than the rest of the left and we must really watch out for those on the left that blend in and conduct their business quietly, those on the left that take time out to call the GOP as “their close friends across the aisle”, but do their dirty deeds behind closed doors as pretty much the other DEM senators do.

Let’s take Franken’s inability to conceal himself as a gift and paint him on the rest of the DEMS.  Let’s not let the left say Franken is a rogue or an exception when he does self destruct.  He is one of them, he manifests the left’s beliefs so all can see.  Let’s also help our GOP leaders take the blinders off to call out, and reveal the true intent of the left who are much more adept in wearing camouflage.  American people deserve that much.  Franken is not the lefts’ appendage that can be sacrificed in an emergency, but rather part of their core, inextricably linked.

I wish the entire left was like Al Franken.  Our job would be much easier.