Stupak amendment, real or just another money grab?

Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) (AP Photo)
(CNSNews.com) – Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) said the White House and the Democratic leadership in the House of Representatives have been pressuring him not to speak out on the “compromise” abortion language in the Senate version of the health care bill.

“They think I shouldn’t be expressing my views on this bill until they get a chance to try to sell me the language,” Stupak told CNSNews.com in an
interview on Tuesday. “Well, I don’t need anyone to sell me the language. I can read it. I’ve seen it. I’ve worked with it. I know what it says. I don’t need to have a conference with the White House. I have the legislation in front of me here.”

The Michigan Democrat succeeded last month in getting 64 House Democrats to join him in attaching his

pro-life amendment to the House version of the health-care bill. The “Stupak amendment,” as the provision is known, would prohibit the federal government from allocating taxpayer money to pay for any part of any health insurance plan that covers abortion except in cases of rape, incest, or when the life of the mother is in danger.
It’s sad that our GOP leadership has announced they will leave the field and hit the showers before the clock runs out and we are left with pinning our hopes on various DEM lone wolves only turning out to be holdout wolves feasting on taxpayer money bribes.
The Stupak amendment is a little different where there is a group that may be able to band together to resist the pressure “to get something done” no matter how horrific.  A group that has its own support to resist the larger pack.  Hopefully a group with enough members to make bribes much tougher to accomplish unlike the buying off of a lone wolf.
Stupak indicates he doesn’t appreciate the condescending “time for talk is over” rhetoric from The One and that the Senate language is “not acceptable”.   Is this just another boy who cried wolf in sheeps clothing ripping off taxpayers for some cash or does it have some substance?
Isn’t it ironic Dirty Harry has the senate(doesn’t deserve capitalization anymore) voting on health care AND RAISING THE DEBT LIMIT on the same day, Christmas Eve to boot.  Talk about a harbinger.   Merry $*$&#( Christmas Harry.