Is being right on facts or discussing them even enough?

The ends justify the means.

We are constantly reminded of this being the ruling credo by the left.

While we sit there and provide all kinds of real facts, common sense, science, open debates, the left has none of it.  No real discussion on health care, global warming, carbon sequestration, cap/trade, card check, on and on.   Are we one handed clappers?

Does being right on facts even matter any more?  The left has captured the political and policy infrastructure and will do with it what they want.  No rules, no partisanship, no discussion, no process, no facts, no common sense, no legitimate science, no open debates.  None, zero, zip, nada, nil.

The left also owns the distribution (lame stream media).  So if a tree falls in the woods, does it even make a sound if not reported?   Looking at the line up on Sunday Left Wing Talking Points TV there was nary a conservative.  Only the mouthpieces of the left regurgitating worn out talking points like a mindless robot.

Do we realize war has been waged on us for a long time now?  Someone had a signature something like, “you may not be interested in war, but the war is interested in you.”

The left doesn’t play our game of rational discussion and fair process.   We must abandon our game plan, it ain’t working.  The left has left their playbook in plain sight.  It’s time we actually read it and use their tactics.