Left waking up? World wanting "Candidate Obama" instead of President Obama

After nearly a year of proving he is not anything but the man behind the curtain mirage, the left is finally starting to wake up to the reality of Obama.

Promising nearly everything to everyone on the campaign trail would eventually catch up with him.

A followup story on Obama’s failed Hopenchangen visit the AFP reports:


“Obama the president is, when it comes to actual actions on climate, far closer to president Bush than Candidate Obama. The US and the world need Candidate Obama to re-emerge,” she charged.

Hello people?  Candidate Obama was a mirage, never existed in reality.

As great as it is to see people waking up from the Obama intoxication and dealing with their Obama hangover, it is disturbing that many people won’t really learn the lesson of properly vetting a “rock star” for the highest office in the land, but rather, they long for the utopia of a candidate promising anything to anyone.