I'd like "Dumber Than Sarah Palin" for $500, Alex.

Dumber than Sarah Palin for $500, Alex.  Wolf Blitzer came out of his Situation Room bunker and showed up on Jeopardy.

Wolf Blitzer needs to get out of the situation room and read some books. When he looks out of his mansion I wonder if he sees a LIBRARY? I wonder how many stories Wolf did on how dumb Sarah Palin is? Forget the Bush Doctrine, how about WTF is fettucine?

Wolf got off to a blazing start and did score most of his positive points on hard hitting cutting edge categories like food and celebrities, ahh, The Most Trusted Name in News. (in my best James Earl Jones impression)

Wolf ended up with a NEGATIVE $4600. MINUS $4600. -$4600. Does that mean his charity has to WRITE A CHECK to Jeopardy? How fitting from a hack news organization and indicative of the administration for which he shills. That big bucket of water weighing you down Wolf?

Hey, you can’t ride Wolf too hard because he had some real tough competition. Wolf’s tough educated opponents included Dana Delaney, an actress best known for her inspiring role on Magnum P.I. and also Andy Richter, a comic sidekick to that cerebral informational show Conan O’Brien.

More good news for Wolf, in the land of TV make believe where real private biz advertisers pay actual money, his charity doesn’t have to write a check to Jeopardy, unlike all of us are going to have to write bigger and bigger checks to the US Treasury for Obama’s screwups putting all Americans in financial JEOPARDY. I hope double jeopardy applies to Americans so we don’t get screwed over TWICE.

Warning: This video may be harmful to the eyes of liberals.

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