When all else fails, whip out the victim card, with DHS help.

You know when the left wing talking points start whipping out the Obama is a victim of personal attacks and pulling the race card, they are getting desperate. You know Obama isn’t afraid to use them as evidenced in Gates Gate.

Boxer sounded the battle cry, “Leave Britney Barack alone!”

ABC news headline, “Fear for Obama’s Safety Grows as Hate Groups Thrive on Racial Backlash

Los Angeles police officers apprehended a man Thursday after a standoff with him inside a red Volkswagen Bug car in Westwood, CA – the latest disturbing case even though officials said the man had mental problems.

I seem to recall many Presidents have been targeted by mental nutjobs. Gotta love the “even though he was mental” dig.

“I don’t think these are simply people who are mentally ill or off their rocker,” Mark Potok, director of the Intelligence Project at the Southern Poverty Law Center, told ABC News of those behind the threats. “In a very real sense they represent a genuine reaction, a genuine backlash against Obama.”

Brilliant analysis by Potok, so we was an anti health care nut job? or just a card carrying conservative nut job? Watch out Mr Potok, the VRWC zombies have finally awoken after decades of sinister brain washing! We come to take you away, ah ha!

Experts who track hate groups across the U.S. are growing increasingly concerned over violent rhetoric targeted at President Obama, especially as the debate over health care intensifies and a pattern of threats emerges.

Experts? what experts? The ones like Napolitano that decided to publish the study that exhaustively scoured the globe, umm well ok world wide web internets, to clip and paste a few articles for their comprehensive research on right wing groups?

Here’s what American’s for Limited Government found about the information and sources used when inquiring about the DHS report on right wing extremism:

As it turns out, Janet Napolitano’s DHS did not conduct even the most rudimentary research or investigation. It did no statistical analysis. It did not even bother to interview those it accused and allow them the opportunity to defend themselves.

Instead, in what should send shockwaves throughout the nation, DHS functionaries simply cruised the Internet (in tin-foil hats, no doubt) and relied entirely upon some of the most disreputable sites on the web to stage its attack upon its “rightwing” targets.

Foremost upon the websites DHS relied upon to launch its ruthless, reckless assault was a site called whatdoesitmean.com. In its response to the ALG FOIA request, DHS reported utilizing the site no less than eleven times – far more than any other site – to substantiate its accusations against veterans and other “rightwing extremists.”

And what is the thrust of whatdoesitmean.com – this site the Obama Administration considers a reliable source for intelligence gathering against the American people?

Whatdoesitmean.com contends that the government of the United States has been in direct contact with extra-terrestrial aliens through sophisticated radio waves. Its masthead contains unicorns, Tarot cards, secret numbers, and hieroglyphics. And it warns against a “manmade swine flu” and “fast-approaching global famine.”

Here is the link for the FOIA response with the list of sources.


I predict that these type accusations and inferences of racial and violent backlash will increase and continue to be attempted to be linked to perfectly civil legitimate political opposition. The left will whine over the victimization of the POTUS.

An old tired lefty meme continues, when they run out of any shred of common sense, facts, and reasoning (not really sure they demonstrated any to begin with) to defend policy proposals they resort back to calling names and crying wolf.