Another drug deal gone bad in DC

or not?

The lone cowboy negotiator in chief, seems to have been outgunned.

Obama strikes a deal with big pharma for $80 billion protection money plus big pharma is kicking in a $150-$200 million pro-Obama HealthScare campaign to educate deceive American’s into thinking this is a great deal. Obama going it alone for all the glory, then gets heat from his side that he sold out too light. Here Obama thought he’d be the hero but wound up being the Zero. I’m sure this is a huge source of stress amongst the Dem Elite.

It’s odd you aren’t hearing more about this. I think this is a big big deal behind the scenes. You know, politicians learn a lot of sleight of hand from magicians, so you must pay attention to what they don’t want you to pay attention to. Hey, look over here!

“In terms of savings for you as a Medicare recipient,” President Obama told a town hall attendee yesterday, “the biggest (change) is on prescription drugs, because the prescription drug companies have already said that they would be willing to put up $80 billion in rebates for prescription drugs as part of a health care reform package.”

Then the president said, “Now, we may be able to get even more than that.”

In true Obama fashion, his words have VERY SHORT expiration dates attached to them. Huh more than that? What about our deal….?

Pelosi chimes in:

“We know we can squeeze more from the system,” Pelosi told the New York Times. “The minute the drug companies settled for $80 billion, we knew it was $160 billion.” Then, in classic doublespeak, she added, “The president made the agreements he made. And maybe we’ll be limited by them. But maybe not!”

So Waxman and clan are pissed they were left out and says it has nothing to do with their agendas. Waxman wants his bite of the apple.

Mr Tauzin also said that he had been assured by the White House that any attempts to introduce not only government drug price negotiating powers for the Medicare programme but also allowing consumers to re-import US-approved prescription drugs from Canada and elsewhere would be blocked, and that the agreement had been “blessed” by White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, Deputy Chief of Staff Jim Messina and Nancy-Ann DeParle, director of the White House Office of Health Reform.

Congressional Democrats who are working on legislation to increase drug cost savings with just such initiatives responded with fury to the reports of such a deal, saying that it would make their position “untenable.” Long-time industry critic Representative Henry Waxman, who chairs the House Energy and Commerce Committee, has already pointed out that the deal struck between the industry and the Senate Committee has nothing to do with the House.

The row comes ahead of meetings this week in which PhRMA is due to finalise its plans to support the health reform programme with television advertisements costing around $150 million – an Associated Press report has suggested that the figure could be as much as $200 million – amounts which have astounded observers.

What’s the negotiator in chief do now? Besides go back on his word? Umm, probably go back on his word. Is there anyone left that will want to deal with this reckless shifty administration in good faith?