A new epidemic infects Sheila Jackson-Lee, CDC not concerned.

There is a new epidemic rapidly sweeping through our Elected Elite faster than Porkulus Flu. It only seems to infect those on the left.

It’s been identified as (OTDAS) Obama’s Trickle Down Arrogance Syndrome or Trickle Down Arrogance.

For all the phrase coinage in politics I’ll throw this one out as a new one. Trickle Down Arrogance. You’ll notice that leaders of organizations (yes, community organizers too) tend to set the tone, attitude, and culture of the organization. The new attitude spreads quickly throughout.

We have witnessed numerous examples of Obama’s arrogance, “I won” mentality so I don’t really need to list them here in this diary.

I have noticed especially in the recent HealthScare town hall meetings that more and more of our elected elite are being infected. From Dingell saying congress won’t/can’t handle tort reform, to Specter saying he isn’t required to visit with his constituents, to Pelosi and Hoyer saying anti socialist medicine folks are un-American, to elected elite requiring ID’s for town halls but not supporting ID in order to vote, to others wussing out and having screened phone in meetings.

The debilitating effects from (OTDAS) Obama’s Trickle Down Arrogance Syndrome are fierce. It makes one defy all reason, common sense, logic, and human decency in order to hold oneself above consequence.

Diagnosis is pretty obvious to the casual observer (no health panel needed here). You’ve probably already seen the citizen video clip of Sheila Jackson Lee’s rude behavior at her town hall ignoring a person asking a question while being on the phone.

Further evidence today from Jackson Lee confirms the OTDAS diagnosis on CNN with the normally sensationalist shill of Rick Sanchez. Sanchez in the pre-interview teases (I was stuck watching CNN it at the gym!) did everything they could to assure the viewers that there was a perfect explanation behind Jackson Lee’s rude call in the middle of her town hall. He led you to believe it would be sorted out in due time with her appearance and explanation and everything would be fine.

But, due to OTDAS, Jackson-Lee couldn’t muster up anything besides a few rambling talking points. Even Sanchez, a most willing accomplice, couldn’t even do anything with it. He was shocked that Jackson Lee didn’t recognize the ‘ol razzle dazzle play call (Ok, I’ll have you on my show and you give the people a half baked answer and you are good to go). Even Sanchez had nowhere to go on this one, all because of Jackson Lee’s OTDAS.

CDC is reporting there is nothing they can do for OTDAS but added there are cures available to the public in very few windows of opportunity, each several hours in length, occurring every 2, 4, or 6 years.