Organized Crime on the Upswing in the U.S.

There are reports of a large and growing upswing of organized crime going on in the US. More and more industries are being invaded by crime bosses of the highest order, free choice shut down, and pay protection implemented.

Some excerpts from Wikipedia (good enough for our purposes here).

Organized crime or criminal organizations can be defined as a transnational grouping of highly centralized enterprises run by criminals for the purpose of engaging in illegal activity, most commonly for the purpose of generating a monetary profit. The Organized Crime Control Act (U.S., 1970) defines organized crime as “The unlawful activities of […] a highly organized, disciplined association […]”.[1]

Organized crime dynamics

In order for a criminal organization to prosper, some degree of support is required from the society in which it lives. Thus, it is often necessary to corrupt some of its respected members, most commonly achieved through bribery, blackmail, and the establishment of symbiotic relationships with legitimate businesses. Judicial and police officers and legislators are especially targeted for control by organized crime via bribes.

Organized crime most typically flourishes when a central government and civil society is disorganized, weak, absent or untrusted. This may occur in a society facing periods of political, economic or social turmoil or transition, such as a change of government or a period of rapid economic development, particularly if the society lacks strong and established institutions and the rule of law. ..

Under these circumstances, criminal organizations can operate with less fear of interference from law enforcement and may serve to provide their “customers” with a semblance of order and predictability that would otherwise be unavailable. For similar reasons, organized crime also often takes root in many countries among ethnic minority communities or other socially marginalized groups whose members may not trust local governments or their agents. This lack of trust serves both to insulate the criminal organization from the risk that law enforcement will find cooperative witnesses, as well as to encourage community members to trust the criminal organizations rather than the police to handle disputes and protect the community.

Racket (crime)
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A racket is an illegal business, usually run as part of organized crime. Engaging in a racket is called racketeering.

Several forms of racket exist. The best-known is the protection racket, in which criminals demand money from businesses in exchange for the service of “protection” against crimes that the racketeers themselves instigate if unpaid (see extortion).

Traditionally, the word racket to describe a business is based on the example of the “protection racket” and indicates that the speaker believes that the business is making money by selling a solution to a problem that it created (or that it intentionally allows to continue to exist), specifically so that continuous purchases of the solution are always needed. Example: in a protection racket, a representative from the racket informs a storeowner that a fee of X dollars will be required every month for protection money, though the “protection” that is provided comes in the form of the racket itself not causing damage to the store or its employees.

Ok, enough about the government and its grand plans to extort more tax money out of us for worthless rackets.

Wow, Please re-read the above excerpts with the context of the Obama Admin.

-substitute un-constitutional for criminal
-substitute taxes/fines for payoffs
-Scouring every industry in which to impose regulation and taxation (cap/trade, healthcare)
-reducing free market choice (health care, Employee no choice act)
-centralizing power (Obama czars overlapping congress, Fed Govt treading on states)
-making society weaker and taking advantage (never let a crisis go to waste)
-“organized crime dynamics section” is eerily similar to what we have going on now
-rackets describe cap and trade, global warming
-highly organized (ACORN etc..)