Citizen Journalism vs. Media bias-can technology help turn the tide?

Conservatives spend much time here and elsewhere one-upping each other on media bias stories. We gotta keep doing it but at some point, we have to get more strategic. We cannot just let the media bias be the elephant in the room and start out every race dragging an anchor, or playing ball with 8 men on the field.

Technology is a great thing and can be a game changer allowing leveling of the playing field. Twitter has made a nice impact on getting the word out as we have seen. There is new technology just blossoming that will be a real help to conservatives if we embrace it quickly.

It’s live mobile video streaming and automatic capture online.

Many smart phones these days now have the capability to shoot decent video and companies have applications where you can actually stream your mobile video “live” to a site, watch it live or later, and even twitter video feeds where mobile users can watch it as well. Think of all the roving reporters putting pressure on our Elected Elite. Capturing their ‘off the cuff’ statements where you really get to see the real person instead of scripted infomercials, oops press conferences.

Yeah, many phones have had video recording capability already but now with applications from qik, ustream, livecast (a simple search will reveal many more rolling out) it makes it real easy to broadcast live and automatically record your broadcast online. No more capture video, wait until you get home, upload to your pc, and then upload somewhere online.

There are twitter extensions (twitvid and I’m sure many more soon) out that twitter your mobile video. What a great way to get a breaking story out tremendously fast. I am reminded of the video of the thugs with weapons intimidating voters outside a precinct. That would have spread even faster than it did with live mobile streaming and fast dissemination.

We can continue to point out the bias(which we should) and deal with biased stories after the fact(like treating symptoms) but now we can really do something to attack the problem at its source (a cure). An ounce of prevention….. Seeing citizen reports side by side w/ media reports will provide a direct refutation (is that even a word?) to canned media bias and will enlighten many to the stealth brainwashing millions receive daily over the airwaves.

I’d would’ve loved to have a citizen capture the video of the GatesGate to see how his story stacked up with the officer’s story. We need some real transparency and sunshine in this country!