The Five Most Dangerous Words in the English Language

To update Reagan’s Nine Most Dangerous Words, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

I have been noticing these 5 most dangerous words spread like wildfire DEM talking points throughout the left wing in peddling their latest programs to bankrupt us and spread the taxpayer wealth to their major campaign contributors.

These words aren’t even exclusive to the left, as some Republicans have used them as well.

The five most dangerous words these days:


Fear mongering at its finest, is now a standard arrow in an ElectedElite’s quiver in fleecing the taxpayer.

bank bailouts
auto bailouts
bank takeovers
government auto takeovers
I’ve probably left out a few more.

and now health care.

A trillion dollar plus health care program is now being peddled to us as a money saver. “If we don’t do anything…..” health care will skyrocket. I’d call a trillion or trillion and a half government health care program “skyrocketing”.

Will anyone look around and have a Dr. Phil moment, “How’s that workin for ya?” For all the damage that is being done to this country by reacting in fear to “If we don’t do anything…” maybe it’s time to try the alternative of having the federal government do little or nothing.

I’m tired, desensitized, and no longer afraid of the “Do Nothing” boogeyman.