Anti-tax? That's like being for change. Change what?

We need some new PR and marketing people in the Republican and conservative organizations. We are framing things incorrectly. Anti-tax? It pigeon holes us saying no taxes are good and everyone is to fend for themselves. You’ve just alienated about half of the voters.

Taxes are good.

Before you ban me as a troll we need to frame our conservative positions correctly. The LEVEL of taxes is bad for the government product/service we get.

Taxes can do good. When appropriately levied and applied to deserving expenditures.

Taxes are neutral, just like change. What kind of idiot runs on change? It could be good change or change for the worse. For me, I kinda like positive change. Same with taxes. Taxes at an appropriate level are good, over taxation is bad.

Our message should focus on smarter, leaner, more efficient and productive government that delivers great results at a good price. Being anti taxes is a pretty lame message. We have tons of waste and all our taxes could be much lower but we have to clean up and reduce government.

I am tired of conservatives being marketed as “It tastes bad, but is good for you.” It is the furthest thing from the truth. We all know true conservatism delivers much better results for everyone. We need to get out and sell the benefits of conservatism, not beat people up for not doing the hard work cuz its good for ’em.