The Party of No? eeeegaaads YES, WE SHOULD!

Republicans have been trying to find themselves and stage a comeback. They have been suffering from a coordinated attack by the left wing talking points being called the party of no. From Obama to his minions and MSM talking heads.

Even our own are falling into the trap set by DEMS, allowing them to define the game.

At a moment when the country needs our help, it would be a great mistake for the House GOP to turn inward and simply become the party of “no.” We want our new president to succeed, and America needs our new President to succeed, which is why we will contribute the full force of our ideas to help him navigate the choppy waters. That’s why our leadership met with the president three times to offer him our ideas on the stimulus, including among other proposals a reduction in small business tax liability by 20 percent.

Eric Cantor

Eric has missed the point here and the opportunity! He has accepted the left’s definition and already conceded defeat by playing their game according to their rules.

You see, the LAST thing the left wants is to control everything. They want bipartisanship not really for working together but for POLITICAL COVER. When the crap hits the fan they can point fingers and say well THEY voted for it too!!! The left is not used to being in power and leading, they feel more comfortable being the hippiesque dissenters. They are deer in the headlights.

But their ill advised “party of no” campaign serves to draw a distinct line between the left and the right. It could be a pivotal “with us or against us” moment which America desparately needs.

WWRD. We should all put this tactic acronym in our repertoire. WWRD, What Would Reagan Do?

“When you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat.”

Ronald Reagan

The party of no? Yes, the party of no.


HELL YEAH! We should be the party of no!

YES, WE CAN! We better be the party of no! More like Hell No!

NO to skyrocketing government debt!
NO to increasing government intervention!
NO to nationalizing healthcare, car industry, banking!
NO to tax cheats in government!
NO to dangerous apologist foreign policy!
NO to undermining our national security by tearing down military and intelligence!
NO to ……

It seems that we have a great gift on our hands. An attempt by our ElectedElites in DC to label Republicans as the party of no. This is the biggest gift we could EVER hope for. Distinction and separation.


Rarely can you draw a distinct line between parties in a clear cut fashion for voters. It’s time to take a stand.

I understand and agree with Cantor that with every NO, we need an alternative solution to propose, but we cannot let this huge opportunity pass us by.

The party of no big government?