Obama's Weekend at Bush's

No, Obama didn’t visit the former President.

You know the movie, My Weekend at Bernie’s?, where a couple guys drag around a dead guy named Bernie?

Well now we have, Obama’s Weekend at Bush’s. It seems that Obama stole the movie theme since he is dragging around the departed Bush Administration. I wish I had photo editing skills (you know, like Time magazine) to show Obama dragging around Bush anytime he needs some cover and a distraction.

There is a pattern developing with our apologist teleprompter in chief. Politik non-stop, point fingers, and blame, blame, blame to insulate yourself from any accountability while implementing your radical plans.

From Obama’s “don’t blame me, I was only 3 months old” reaction to an Ortega rant, to rehashing Gitmo (and a new announcement of the release of new Gitmo photos), to “inheriting” the economy(I don’t blame Obama for causing previous economic problems but do blame him for showing up to a fire armed only with a can of gasoline), Obama is constantly campaigning and making sure he is hedged on both sides of issues, insulating himself from accountability.

Any time Obama feels any heat from any of his reckless and radical plans, he summarily pulls out Bush, his Bernie, for some cover. “Hey, what about this guy!?”

I have found that most any time I am presenting facts while debating a liberal and call them out on having nothing more than the latest talking points that were mindlessly spoon fed to them, they will throw out some non-sequitur blame, “Oh yeah!?, well what about…….!?” This is Obama whenever he might be confronted with presenting something that resembles a fact or rational reasoning.

My question is will Obama’s ‘weekend’ at Bush’s ever be over? Will he ever really take responsibility and lead? It’s ironic that the only thing DOA here is Obama’s leadership.