Henrietta Hughes is still waiting Obama.

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Remember this woman at a town hall meeting?

Obama’s response, “We’re doing everything we can, there are a lot of people like you. I’ll have my people talk to you.”

Talk is cheap, Mr. President. People trusted you during your campaign. They take your word for it. These are real people hurting and aren’t cynical political pundits that play the DC political game. Words matter to them for real.

Henrietta Hughes still struggling
By Nick Spinetto, WINK News

Story Created: Apr 21, 2009 at 6:11 PM EDT

Story Updated: Apr 21, 2009 at 6:59 PM EDT
FORT MYERS, Fla. – Henrietta Hughes is still struggling to make ends meet.

Unemployed and homeless, she caught national attention during President Obama’s visit to Fort Myers when she asked for his help. After her plea, Hughes was given a free place to stay, but she still can’t find a job and may soon find herself homeless again.

Henrietta was not helped by government but by an individual. Why can’t we learn a lesson from this?

Representative Nick Thompson’s wife, Chene, owns the home and is allowing Henrietta to live there until it sells.

“Thank God for Mrs. Chene Thompson for allowing us to stay in her house,” Henrietta said.

Thank goodness for individual charity and compassion. Why our country doesn’t encourage more of this just boggles my mind. Instead of decentralization, return of power to state/local government and encouraging individual charity, we depend on a few academic propeller heads who think they can figure everything out centrally.

Words matter but action matters more. Time is running out and the country cannot wait for our propeller head in chief to figure out he isn’t the master of the universe.

I wrote recently about the lesson from the movie “War Games” where WOPR(what a fitting name for a government computer) thought it could figure out every permutation of war, but in the end finally realized its initial premise was wrong, and the answer was not to play the game of war in the first place.

Obama is playing the game of war with our future, too bad this is nonfiction. Consequences are real. Tremendous damage is being done to our country and people like Henrietta Hughes are collateral damage, while our arrogant, over-educated WOPR in Chief is wasting all of our time fiddling with central solutions, that in the end will prove to only guarantee mutually assured destruction.