If you can't beatem, join em?

I posted in a recent blog about the Myth’s about Obama and thought it might be a good discussion topic.

Obama, the Rockstar, American Idol, Leno President.  Much debate.  He is proving to be the phony we thought he was, but hey, he won.  Are there some lessons there we can learn?

I am a bit back and forth on the President as celebrity TV stuff.

I waffle between “It’s beneath the Office of the President and cheapens it” and “Hey, wake up REPS and smell the coffee. It’s a new age and time to go to new audiences with a new message!”

We need a new image based on solid content. A new package of real conservative content(have much work here as well) and an attractive new wrapper!   REPS/Conservatives have an image to many, something along the lines of bad medicine, it tastes bad but its good for you.   Much of today’s audience needs to be sold more on the positive benefits, not just “do the hard work, its good for you”.  All a matter of perception. Get to the same place of solid conservatism, but perhaps in an easier more palatable way.

We don’t need a larger tent in the conservative content but rather a larger tent in the marketing/perception/PR of that conservative content.

Perception is reality.  It doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice our principals(as many RINOs have) but rather, remarket it in a positive light.  It needs to be cool, prosperous, and provide a good opportunity for everyone to be a conservative.   Right now we’ve been out PR’d by the left, leaving us in the corner of old school, rich business people who are greedy, that need bigger government to reign us in.   It’s far from the truth but perception is reality for especially a big chunk of the vote.

Obama capitalized on giving people a blank slate on which to project whatever they wanted.  They gave him the benefit of the doubt in the land of make believe.

Are we gonna be more traditional and stick to our guns, hopefully offering better conservative content alone?    or do we need to add some new life to our marketing and PR to make a more attractive package for the content? (praying we learned our lesson on actually being conservatives for awhile here on out).

Continue to try and beat’em the old fashioned way or join ’em and try to beat’em with some new weapons?

What say you?