Welcome to ObamaTopia

ObamaTopia, where reality isn’t relevant.

Make wall street the boogeyman, it is totally separated from main street, anyone check their 401k lately?   Ah yeah, Obama calls a bottom with attractive profit/earnings ratio.  huh?

In a poor economy, reduce incentive for “rich” people to give to charity.  “They should give the same out of the goodness of their heart, even though the government takes more of their money.”

Government ElectedElite get automatic pay raises, lifetime pensions, with no virtually no accountability or fiduciary responsibility.

Only in ObamaTopia can you talk down the economy and then spend trillions more in order to revive it.

The government is the answer to all your problems.  Oh wait, scratch that, I inherited a bad economy.

Put extraordinary war “secret off budget” spending in the budget so when you exit, you can keep most of it in the budget for your socialist spending agenda and claim the rest as a budget “reduction.”

Employee Free Choice Act gives you a helping hand with a union looking over your shoulder why voting to help you.

Trickle up poverty so we can all feel wonderful together, evenly.

Ahhh ObamaTopia,  Cocktail Parties and Conga lines.  ObamaTopia, It’s what’s for breakfast.  ObamaTopia, You can’t stop it, you can only hope to contain it.