And the Oscar for best actor goes to...

Barack Hussein Obama!    Gee, how surprising.

Welcome to the Oscars.  American politics.

More of the same BS from Obama. No earmarks in the bill? WTF?! What a bold faced liar. I wish Jindal would have challenged him directly on that. I would think he would have had an advanced copy of Obama’s speech.

Obama’s first two answers to our problems. Insulating buildings and cap/trade? OMG!! I am going to start shopping for a doomstead.

The reason people worship the rockstar is because they are only focused on IMAGE. The left’s primary measurement is what they hear. This is no different than an Oscar race for best actor. Obama will win every time.

I am real scared for America. I hope we can wake up out of the groupie mentality.

When looking through that Oscar lens, I can see why they would criticize Jindal. He was sing songy and much weaker than Obama on the delivery.  They totally ignore the content.

Conservatives look more at reality, the message, the content and results. Liberals look at the image and delivery, period.

The left will not look at the content of what Jindal said, that government is not the answer. Lazy Americans are increasingly wanting a savior to save them from themselves.

We have to watch out for going down that path w/ Jindal as well. I see quite a few posts here that are hinting at that. I think he has great future potential but should not be built up as a Rep savior.

I hope that enduring the next 4 years of punishment that America wakes up from the drunken Oscar party and realizes we need to scrutinize future candidates on what they have actually done and capability of actually doing something positive, rather than solely basing their opinion on the delivery.