Government is a Reacting Entity

I was channel surfing today and clicked on “The View”. I have NEVER been able to stomach watching this show after seeing some clips, well, except to ogle Hasselbeck!

They had Vernon Jordan on and he made an ironic statement.

I paraphrase, “Government is reactionary entity, not an initiating entity and responds to what people want.” He said the government affirms whatever “law” we “write” on the street, referring to civil rights movement.

(It’s right at the end of his segment)

How ironic will that statement be for this new administration. I wonder how much of that we’ll get this time around. It will be more like “If I wanted your opinion, I’d have given it to you.” But I digress.

He is right. Conservatives need to regroup, make a plan, and get out there and do the work in the trenches now so that in 2, 4, and/or 8 years the government makeup will change, reflect, and affirm our “law”.

There have been many good ideas already mentioned today. I believe the “improvement” (I hate the word “change” because it is in itself neutral, there can be good change and bad change.) must come from more outside Washington. Once you get swallowed into the horse trading of Washington you lose sight of what is right for America. You lose your objectivity and common sense.

We must re-market conservatism as a positive. DEMS just run away from the term liberal after they soiled it and put on a new pair of underwear called progressives. Same $%^&, different undies.

Why does REP or Conservatism have to be medicine that tastes bad but is good for you? We should be selling the benefits of conservatism(first to the Republican party and the RINOs!) There is a very compelling argument and reward.

Conservatism is automatic common sense when it comes to peoples survival and their pursuit of success. We live it and practice it daily, even ultra libs do but don’t realize or acknowledge it. It should be easy to translate it into a strong consistent message with a fresh appeal. The only appeal we have now is more like a banana peel.

We have to give Americans the message that we all want everyone to succeed and be prosperous. We suffer from “the rich keeping all their money, and the rest of you are suckers” image perpetrated by the MSM but not countered much by conservatives. McCain was complicit in telling people we are the bearers of bad news, stating in a debate, “We’ll have to cut your programs.” instead of saying “We’ll target inefficient government to bring maximum benefits for lower taxpayer cost.”

Our message needs to be we believe in success for everyone but we go about it in different ways than liberals. This is our fundamental difference. Liberals want to give people fish(implication of dependence on government). We need to get out the message that we will teach people to fish so they are self sufficient and independent.

Back to Jordan’s ironic statement, nothing really happens in government, until the people actually do it. We cannot finesse elections with the right slick talking candidate getting elected and THEN effect change. That is backwards. We must make the changes and government will eventually affirm them.

There is so much more to write and I am rambling a bit so I’ll leave it at that for now until I get my thoughts organized.

We need some fresh new approaches like this guy:

If we do the work, government will affirm it.