The 1 Key to McCain having a Chance

McCain has to show America that Obama’s Economic plan won’t work.

McCain has to debunk the “tax cut for 95% of people”. This one is important. He hasn’t countered it effectively.

McCain needs to debunk the “big rich companies getting tax cuts” stuff. Show how small business employs a majority of Americans and need tax cuts. It’s time for a Ross Perot type infomercial with simple charts and pointer. I hope Obama doesn’t beat him to the punch with his recent purchase of 30 min of prime time.

McCain should let Palin pursue the Ayers Odinga ACORN stuff much more and McCain should zero in on the economy.

McCain should come out and announce his economic advisors (Romney(would help politically) or whoever) and potential economic czars in his administration to buttress his argument. That’s how McCain insulates himself from Obama bringing up McCain’s quote that he, McCain, isn’t up on economics. (honest but damaging, not like Obama knows anything but he didn’t admit it and will be covered by MSM).