An Open Letter to Illinois Republicans

To All Illinois Republicans:

How’s this for a “doomsday” scenario: tax increases will plunge Illinois into further economic crisis, hurting economic growth and job creation and causing our state’s budget deficit to grow even larger.

As such, any legislator – Republican or Democrat – who supports tax increases is voting against jobs, workers and the Illinois economy … and they should be voted out of office.

Unfortunately, this week we’ve heard some Illinois Republicans referring to tax hikes as “revenue enhancers” and refusing to rule out the possibility of raising our taxes.

History is clear. When you cut taxes, you increase economic growth, which, in turn, leads to increased tax revenues.

Afraid of being the party of “no” – some Republicans are anxious to cut a deal with Pat Quinn and the Democrats that supports some “reform” concessions in exchange for a tax increase.

This is wrong. It will enable the Democrats’ continued mismanagement of state government. It will hurt each and every Illinois taxpayer.

Real leadership is about doing the hard work necessary to present an alternative plan and standing firm on principle. It’s not about cutting a deal simply to get a budget passed and stop the Democrat PR barrage.

The people I represent in Cook County are suffering. Business bankruptcies have shot up 60%; mortgage foreclosures have gone from 12,000 to 50,000 per year; and, we are paying the highest sales and gasoline taxes in the country.

Unemployment in Cook County now stands at 9.5% — and it’s above 40% for African-American males between the ages of 18-40.

And yet our legislators want to make the situation worse by doubling the state income tax, exploding the expansion of gambling, increasing taxes on everything from cigarettes, alcohol and candy to a host of other services.

Some of us on the Cook County Board have held firm in opposition to Todd Stroger’s tax increase because it’s the right thing to do. Now it’s time for the Illinois General Assembly to do the same by holding firm against the Democrat tax hikes.

Every one of the constituents I represent in the 16th District of Cook County will be hurt by a tax increase.

Any Republican who supports a tax hike in these tough economic times should be voted out of office in February 2010.

It’s time to start acting like Republicans and standing on basic, sound, time-tested economic principles.

It’s time to, once and for all, do what is right for the people of Illinois.


Tony Peraica
Cook County Commissioner – 16th District