Chi-Town Daily News Story on our Live Tweets

This past week, the Chi-Town Daily News’ Alex Parker had a great story about our efforts to use Twitter and social media to communicate with our constituents and open up County Government.

Here’s a snippet:

When Cook County Board President Todd Stroger shut off Commissioner Tony Peraica’s microphone at an April board meeting, the Riverside Republican was silenced for just a few moments.

Peraica turned immediately to the microblogging serviceTwitter, using it during the meeting to let the world know what Stroger was up to.

“Democracy is being trampled upon in Cook County today,” he wrote. “Commissioners (sic) microphone was cut off when questions are asked about county finances.”

Peraica, 52, says Twitter is helping transform Cook County politics. He began using the service late last year (though the account has been active since last July).

In recent months, he’s come into his own as a “Tweeter.”

His consistent tweets — nearly 1,300 as of this writing — provide a minute-by-minute look at county proceedings, as well as pointed criticism of his political opponents on the board.