Scavo Indictment a Sign of Things to Come in Melrose/Proviso?

Cook County taxpayers supporting reform should be ecstatic at the news of the conviction of former Melrose Park Police Chief Vito Scavo.

Melrose Park has long been a cesspool of corruption, with the tentacles of fraud and abuse stretching throughout Proviso Township and other Cook County western suburbs.

As you can see from the below, Scavo was running a pretty big enterprise out of the Melrose Park police station.  Who else in Melrose (and Proviso Township) knew of these goings-on — or were complicit in the operations?  Is the Scavo conviction only the first shoe to drop in Melrose (and Provis0)?

The Pioneer Press reports on this conviction:

Jurors deliberated for five and half hours Monday before finding former Melrose Park Police Chief Vito Scavo guilty of all 22 counts in his federal corruption trial that lasted seven weeks.

Scavo was accused of shaking down local businesses to hire his private security companies. These firms were run out of the Melrose Park Police Station using on-duty cops and squad cars.