Voters, Spending and Taxes

Last week, Rasmussen Reports released a poll showing that 77% of Americans see government officials’ unwillingness to cut government spending as a bigger problem than voters’ resistance to tax hikes:

For nearly four-out-of-five U.S. voters, the problem is not their unwillingness to pay taxes. It’s their elected representatives’ refusal to cut the size of government.

Those poll numbers are music to our ears … but will these numbers actually translate at the ballot box?

After all, for years, the issue of political “pork” has made headlines.  And polls regularly show that Americans disapprove of this political spending of taxpayer dollars.

But year after year … voters actually reward politicians who bring home the bacon.

It’s most likely an issue of voters disliking politicians who bring pork to other districts … but reward those who bring these pork-barrel projects to their own district.  After all, one man’s pork project is another citizen’s paved road or sewer project, right?

It’s an ongoing problem — especially since, here in Illinois, the root of our corruption and budgetary problems is the spending process.  Pork is exactly what has bred our notorious pay-to-play and budget deficits.

But corruption has been here for years — and so have the deficits.  Yet the voters have continued to reward the same Democrat politicians who have brought this upon us.

Will 2010 be different?  Let’s hope so — and let’s hope the poll results released last week will translate at the ballot boxes.