Chris Geovanis, Unplugged

All we can say is:  wow.

Chris Geovanis — the always outspoken, many times rude spokesperson (one of an endless array of PR flaks paid by Todd Stroger — is featured in the recent edition of Chicago Reader.

And, much like her loud defenses of Todd Stroger’s inept administration, this interview is strange.

Aside from pleding her loyalty to the Stroger family (John and Todd), Ms. Geovanis gives us a look at her “after hours” pro bono work, in which she refers to Israel as a “racist state.”

Bottom line:  Chris Geovanis is a proud and staunch defender of a county government that is the laughing stock of the state and country.

It’s as if she signed up to be the PR director for the Titanic … but only after it began to sink.

We understand that many have political reasons (jobs, contracts, etc.) for aligning themselves with this administration.  But for Geovanis, defending the Stroger administration has become a crusade.

Which, again, is just plain weird.