Obama to rewrite "Political Correctness" Rules

Could we have a small glimmer of “hope” in Obama for our conservative causes? I’d like to think perhaps we do as far as political correctness and race our concerned. The fact of the matter is that the Main Stream Media is so utterly in love with Barack Obama that what he says is virtual gospel. Like many people outside of the baby boomer generation some of the pc verbage is often self ridiculed in private. Obama referring to himself as a “mutt” is a good case in point. A good percentage of Americans are “mutts”, I myself am English, Scottish, German and Irish. Not exactly a pure breed mix, but then again thats a good mix of “American ancestry” If what Obama says is “gospel” then we could see an entire shift in what is “allowed” inside the PC rules by the PC Gods. For Obama himself could become the “PC God”. While I am at it, am I the only one who noticed that Obama was standing at the podium and everyone behind him was white? Last I checked Obama has a lot of people of color to thank for his victory on Tuesday. I guess Democrats know as long as they have Obama in the room they can check off “diversity” on the list and feel good about themselves. Bush had to strive to make minority appointments because by being white he was automatically “guilty” of the original sin of racism. I imagine Obama doesn’t have to be burdened by that. He actually can appoint the most qualified people. Once again Obama can swim freely where other people could not inside the PC rules. After four years of Obama and his generational change I believe the Republicans will get the change they have been looking for as far as race is concerned. Its importance will diminish, and isn’t that what conservatives have been asking for all these years?