Obama's Message Gap

Since the Republican convention Obama’s poll numbers have been tanking, his campaign seems disorganized and there is one main reason for all this, he has no message. Let’s be honest here his candidacy was all based on opposition to the Iraq War. He’s had to admit now that the “surge” worked and that the war is winding down. So the Democrats are now demanding more troops for Afghanistan. But the word “Afghanistan” is not a dirty word to the American people like Iraq is. All it does it remind people of 9/11 as the two are completely connected. When the Democrats shout for more troops to “Afghanistan” they are signaling that terrorism has not been defeated, but Americans by double digits prefer Republicans to defend them from that threat. So Obama’s message on Iraq is off the table now and with each utterance of troops to Afghanistan he helps John McCain. Well what about the “Mortgage Crisis” well to most Americans the government taking over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac means they are on it. Even better for the Republicans it shows that we don’t need Obama for big government intrusion. So if the government is already doing that why do we need Obama? Why.. to raise our taxes of course. Obama’s new message from last week was that he wouldn’t rescind Bush’s tax cuts in a recession because it would hurt the economy. So wait? Doesn’t that mean that the Bush Tax cuts are helping and him getting rid of them would hurt the economy? Does Obama even know what he is talking about anymore? So what message is Obama left with? Change! As he outlined though his type of change means a weaker foreign policy, more taxes, and further cultural decay (as seen from a ‘culture wars’ perspective). I bet he wishes he had Hillary Clinton right about now. She’d give him a message with all her experience fighting for common people. Obama has to frame a message againt John McCain and yet he’s spent the last year framing it against George W. Bush. We all know Bush’s time is over. Could someone left Obama know its not 2004?