Obama's Double Edged Sword

Obama’s speech on Thursday night was fraught with much peril but the most obvious didn’t come until after the speech was over. Why did Obama’s bounce in the polls for a speech watched by almost 40 million people not sustain itself? I have a very unconventional theory. Obama wanted us all to believe that he was unique in history and the first new politician. His entire campaign has been built around this concept from day one. When Americans tuned in on Thursday night we were told that they wanted Obama to be more specific in what he planned to do to improve the lives of Americans. What we got was half of something which basically becomes a whole lot of nothing. Let me explain what I mean by that. Obama spent half of his speech being new and innovative and the other half proving that he was presidential and up to the task. The part where he showed he was Presidential we are to assume was where he outlined his plans and attacked John Mccain. Unfortunately for Obama by playing into that role he let a lot of air out of his balloon. He accomplished some of his goals, we can all now see him giving a State of the Union Address or coming on the television from the oval office. But what edgy new and hip person has ever given a state of the union address? What do you see in your mind when you see someone as “presidential” they are stiff and boring. As charasmatic as Ronald Reagan was he still was a politician as was Bill Clinton, arguably the most deft politicians in the last 30 years. So in accomplishing his goal Obama has simply jumped into the water with the rest of the fish. We are now supposed to judge him on his merit and not his rhetoric. How perilous is this for Obama when he in fact has very little merit that entitles him to this high office. In coming down to earth Obama is now looked on in the same group as George W. Bush. By spending so much time attacking John McCain he showed that he is a politician. Same as those old men you hear about getting indicted on bribery charges in the news half the time. To many americans that is there only brush with politics. When they hear about Mark Foley’s instant messages or Elliot Spitzers escort. In bringing himself down a few notches Obama has removed his trump card. Thats why McCain’s choose of Sarah Palin the next day was so impactful. It may takes months for Sarah Palin to get knocked down a few notches at the moment she is still a human being and not a politician. Obama could also have been said to hurt himself by picking a seasoned politician like Joe Biden to run with. From Messiah to Politician in one night.. the fall could not have been much farther.