RedState Water Cooler - 4/16/17 - Open Thread - The Bible as History


With today being Easter Sunday, the RedState Department of History, in all likelihood like many of you, took the day off.

However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t history, and Easter Sunday is naturally no exception. But in a divergence from the norm, today I thought it might be fun to discuss the Bible as history.

Without going too far afield, or venturing into apologetics or belief systems, the Bible as history is a subject of great interest and even fascination to historians. I’m only going to highlight a couple in the interests of brevity, but it’s a subject of great depth for the Christian as well as for anyone simply interested in the subject.

My personal favorite is a television series hosted by the controversial Canadian archaeologist Simcha Jacobovici entitled “The Naked Archaeologist.”  All three seasons of the series are available on Amazon Prime and I believe it’s a fair-minded look at the Bible as an historical document.

Particularly recommended are two episodes, one of which is especially fitting for this week: Season 1, Episode 14 details crucifixion from the point of view of the victim and serves as a fascinating discussion of what probably happened to Christ on the cross. The other is Season 1/25-26, a two-parter in which Jacobovici attempts to find Mount Sinai using only the descriptions found in the book of Exodus (it’s fascinating).

The other would be a website I enjoy entitled bible-history.com. It features a series of write-ups of archaeological finds mentioned in the Bible, which can be viewed here.

Today’s entry is short — have a happy Easter, everyone!