RedState’s Water Cooler 11/14/16 – Open Thread – Follies On and Off the Gridiron

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I’ll preface my first words as a RedState Water Cooler writer by saying this: I’m a sports nut. If you are too, we’ll get along great. If you aren’t, there’s still time for you to change.

On second thought, that sounds a bit too much like the type of persuasion we’ve seen far too much of over the last 18 months or so. Please allow me to revise and extend my remarks.

On third thought, that sounds a bit too much like the Senate, and we all know what happens there. Right. Nothing of importance. So, let’s try again.

How ‘bout that college football?

Bear in mind: I come from a state where the major college football team hasn’t been relevant since the Kennedy Administration. The last time my alma mater played in the Rose Bowl was three years before I was born – and I’m over fifty. The professional team, or should I say the team that plays the game for over-the-table money, hasn’t been relevant since the Ford Administration.

Which is why Saturday’s games were so much fun for me. Real schools that really play the game really had a rough week.

The first playoff rankings came out, and in celebration of their number two ranking, Clemson lost to Pitt 42-41 on a last-second field goal. That opened the field up to fourth-ranked Washington, at home against 6-3 USC. Courtesy of the Twitter handle @NOTSportsCenter (which, be warned, is occasionally NSFW), follow along:

That was the result. You guessed it, they lost 26-13.

Now petrified, third-ranked Michigan traveled to face Iowa – and they lost too, 14-13. But that game featured one of the truly great “meme” plays of all time, as Hawkeyes punter Ron Coluzzi went off on a jaunt on fourth down. Nobody’s sure if he meant to, but the end result was the stuff of legend:

The memes the play is generating are already reminiscent of those Brian Williams photoshops you may have seen.

So it was a bad day for the big boys – but, as always, it could be worse. Someone could have been injured. The second, third and fourth-ranked BCS teams all lost – and top-ranked Alabama may petition to join the NFC North because I think they could win it.


But speaking of injuries, perhaps none were greater than those suffered by campus liberals – and even some of the students they teach – over last Tuesday’s outcome. I submit these, which you may or may not have seen. As an ardent and wholly unrepentant #NeverTrumper, I include these to give an idea of what happens when you don’t lose well. Enjoy – or grimace – at your discretion.

“Safe Spaces” Abound for students in emotional crisis over Trump

UCI (Irvine) students hold ‘group cry’

And, another favorite since it’s in my backyard and my tax dollars are paying for this:

St. Paul schools offer ‘emotional support’ for kids upset by election results

Finally, I leave you with this – because we’re all wondering just how the heck those late night comedians are going to adjust to the new political balance in America.

Enjoy. As always, this is an open thread.