A Bold New Direction



In 1920, Jackson Hole, Wyoming was a rough, tough, cow town replete with the requisite watering holes, drunks, renegades, horse thieves and ladies of the evening. The town fathers paid little or no attention to the welfare or comfort of the more genteel women and children who made Jackson home.

The town fathers were not attuned to the needs and desires of those who produced no revenue or bribes. After all, it took money to run a growing frontier town. Wyoming was admitted to the Union in 1890; universal suffrage was the law. The mothers of Jackson were disgusted with the status quo. Following the advice of Susan B. Anthony, the women qualified a field of candidates for all five existing town elective offices. The unattached males made light of the whole matter and joked that a bunch of women could not win an election in a man’s town.

History was made on Election Day; the women won every office and in addition appointed a new Town Marshall. The Town Marshall they appointed was a unanimous choice. Pearl Williams a petite and lovely 22-year-old college student home on vacation. Pearl was well known for her horsemanship and for her expertise with a pistol. She routinely beat the men in both riding and shooting competitions.

All the foregoing is fact, well-reported fact. Furthermore, Pearl Williams (Hupp) was my aunt and just one of the strong-minded women from whose exploits I draw good examples.

Far too few women of quality, ability and experience have been given the opportunity to serve this great nation. America, the land of Opportunity lags far behind. Israel had the fantastic Gold Meir, Pakistan its Benazir Bhutto, India had Indira Gandhi and most recently Great Britain’s Government was led my Margaret Thatcher. Worldwide to date, 47 females have served as their country’s Prime Minister (Head of government). For a country that has a reputation for fairness, it is disgraceful that The United States of America has NEVER had a female Vice President, let alone a female President. To me it is outrageous to have allowed several males of questionable talent, ability, morals and virtue to serve as our President.

Am Equal Rights Amendment to our Constitution was first proposed back in 1923, That is 88 Years ago. It is time to rectify this gross injustice and do so in true American style.

A recent lead story in the online edition of Patriot Update reported that Barack Obama launched his campaign to be reelected. He is not expecting any Democratic opposition nor is there likely to be any. He must have strong, valid opposition to defeat his socialist agenda and to tack about and run before the wind with all sails set.

In this great land of some 310 Million souls, I am certain there are at least two women far better qualified than is Barack Obama to lead America back to her former glory. As a matter of fact, even the stars are favorably aligned. Two lovely, intelligent and battle-seasoned women are well prepared to carry out the duties in the Executive Office of the United States.

Michele Bachmann of Minnesota just turned Fifty-five and has served her home state as a State Senator. Michele is in her third term as Minnesota’s first female Congresswoman representing the Sixth Congressional District She is a lawyer and a mother with five natural children and she and her husband have been foster parents to twenty-three more children. She obviously has more experience than Mr. Obama and her looks alone would present America in a better light than Obama. I believe most Americans would be comfortable with a President Bachmann.

For her running mate, I propose Governor Sarah Palin who lit up the 2008 Presidential election. Sarah is eight years younger than Congresswoman Bachmann and has a wealth of political experience. She is also a beautiful woman who chose to bear a child with Down syndrome rather than to abort it. She is highly intelligent, humane, kind and in touch with the people.

The push to make this happen must begin today; we cannot afford to play the caucus and primary game. It will be necessary to shock the liberals and get an immediate consensus. Such a coup would turn the electoral process in a better direction, save millions of dollars and, above all allow true conservative to turn the ship of state onto a truer course.