Welcome to the Front Page, Bill

When I loaded up FOXNews.com this morning I couldn’t help but notice the headline “NIH staffer to ‘retire’ after being exposed as anti-Fauci blogger”, because I figured I knew exactly who that might be. I first logged on to RedState around 2005 and registered soon there after. Back then, there was a stellar group of writers including some of the founders and the level of analysis was exceptional. Some of them wrote under pseudonyms such as “Nick Danger”. One of the most intriguing writers who is very closely aligned with my worldview was nom de plume, “streiff”.

Back then, as a commentor, I was abrasive, insulting, opinionated and often crude, as is still the case. I had zero respect for authority such as the numerous Mods, and easily set the record for being banned from RedState by darn near everyone up to including Erick Erickson. However, Erick and I developed a bit of a friendship and he would typically reinstate me. However, there was another Mod that would oftentimes reinstate me who obviously was an excellent judge of character. That moderator was and still is streiff.

I’ve always been pleased that he and I also developed an off-site friendship though to respect his anonymity I never asked Bill’s last name. This morning, I learned what it was on FOXNews.com as Bill has now “retired” from his National Institute of Health position.

When Erickson took RedState down the rabbit hole of NeverTrumperville and then turned the site over to totally unqualified and deranged NeverTrumper’s, the site went into almost a death spiral. After Trumps election, streiff slowly came to realize that it was one of historical significance as Trump began to exceed all conservative expectations. He became one of the sites few voices of reason.

 To make a long story short, streiff virtually turned the site around single-handed into what we have today. Under his leadership as Managing Editor, RedState has exceeded all previous benchmarks and has once again become a beacon for the online conservative community.

While this transition is certainly a disruption in Bill’s personal life I am looking forward to his continued leadership of RedState and his continued success in bringing RedState to the forefront of conservative commentary. As such, welcome to the Front Page, Bill.

Colonel Race, the contributor formerly known as Tbone