Just A Few Reasons Why Trump Wins

Just A Few Reasons Why Trump Wins
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There is a diary on the Front Page discussing Trump’s chances with black voters based on CNN averaging some polls. First, why does anyone trust polls? Are you idiots? Really? Ever hear of garbage in garbage out?

I don’t know if Trump is going to get any greater percentage if the black vote and I really don’t care. He won with what he got last time and only a moron would think he has done anything that would cost him those votes. I do know that if he picks up anything better than 5 more points he walks away an easy winner.

However, there are a lot of white Democrats and independents that voted for Hillary last time that have watched the blacks loot stores all across the country and have seen the viral videos of blacks attacking white people, tearing up the local McDonalds and DEMANDING reparations from them and their children. They have also become more aware of the war zone murder rates in the Democrat controlled cities and who is actually doing the killing.  A good percentage are not going to vote for any Democrat when they mark their ballot.

A lot more have seen the failure of Democrat mayors and governors in these anti-American riots and don’t like the idea of statues being torn down. How do you think Italian Democrats feel about Columbus being attacked?

A lot of Democrat small business owners of all colors have lost because of the closures by fascist Democrat governors for a fake pandemic. How about the workers at hotels, casinos, arenas, in catering and stadiums, How do you think they will vote?

What about Hispanics and Asian whose lives evidently DON’T matter?

Let’s not forget the record gun sales over the last 3 months with many of those first buyers and now de facto Second Amendment supporters. Getting really hard to be a gun owner and a Democrat.

While hard to believe, I am sure that their are still some church going Democrats who have now seen the Democrat governor totally disregard and disrespect their Freedom of Religion.

There were 16.4 million black voters in 2016 and 12.7 million Hispanic. Guess which one is growing faster?

Exit polls indicated that the voting electorate in 2016 was 71 percent white, 12 percent black, 11 percent Hispanic. What this means is that every percentage point Trump gains among white voters represents 6 votes to every black vote. Percentage points for Hispanics is a push. In short, Trump would have to go from 8% to 14% of the black vote to get the same number of votes compared to gaining 1% of the white vote.

So, the real question is not how Trump is doing with blacks, it is what have the Democrats done to appeal to more whites, Christians, Hispanics and reasonably rational Americans?  You tell me

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