Thank You Redstate!

Thanks to Redstate for your contribution to my PHD project re politics on the internet. It’s been an amazing ride, but for now has to end.

FYI, This project involved study of 72 randomly selected left wing and right wing sites. Each site was investigated by subjects from both sides of the political spectrum. We measured how polemic the site was, the quality (grammar, style, evidenciary matter, persuasiveness) of content, and, ultimately, a conclusion on the site’s contribution to overall effect of internet on political discourse and its effect on the right to free speech.

All in all, Redstate ranks as a 7/10 on our polemic scale, 5/10 quality content scale, and rated high negative on its effect on our right to free speech due to the high rate of sanitization of entries.

It was interesting to note the sanitization of content not only by the site content editors, but by many users themselves. The many racist, misogynist, and xenophobic blogs posted to this site on a daily basis are removed. Redstate was unusually high in this regard. While left wing sites tended to leave such content up, as their sites’ users were able to distinguish such content as false, uninformed, or contributed by unintelligent people, right wing sites tend to sanitize this speech as their users are in fact unable to distinguish these entries among the rest of the content. Thus, not only site content editors themselves, but many users themselves must police the site.

Redstate confirms our theory that the internet has mostly led to a cheapening of the right to free speech, and will, sadly, ultimately result in more paralysis of the body politic.

Thank you again.