Tea Party is Just The Start ...

On Wednesday, April 15, thousands of Americans from around the nation will gather to protest the dangerous direction our nation has recently taken regarding taxes and spending.

This grassroots effort is in the tradition of our original American Patriots, whose initial political goal was tax-based, and it is aptly and creatively named a “TEA Party,” because the word “TEA” is also an acronym for Taxed Enough Already.

While the passion and patriotism we will see expressed is reminiscent of American Patriots of old, it is also important that we employ modern technology to make it as effective as possible.  Just as our Founding Fathers helped spread word through pamphlets, modern-day bloggers are helping spread the word about these protests.

It would be a tragically missed opportunity if thousands of never-before-active Americans attended a TEA Party, but were never contacted again and given an opportunity to become more involved in the political process.

To make sure this unfortunate event does not happen, Let Freedom Ring USA is organizing an effort to have local TEA Party leaders encourage the crowd to Text the word “TeaParty” to 74362 on their mobile phones.

This will ensure that local leaders, as well as the national leaders of the conservative movement (we are working with several conservative leaders on this project), will be able to activate and alert TEA Party attendees of future events.

Because these events are spontaneous grassroots events, this logistical effort is challenging.  We are hopeful that word will also spread via this blog.  Thank you for your help in that regard.