Need A Job? Ain't Hip To Be Square

One of liberalism’s unsolved paradoxical leaps of logic is the idea that we can legislate our way to fairness.  There is nothing that the Government can’t balance, regulate, or justify, yet despite how hard they try, they just seem to make it worse.  Imagine if you will the daunting prospects of finding a job in this Carterlike “O”conomy.  Good.  Imagine too, that you are a good worker, a solid citizen and a trustworthy employee.  Good.  Now imagine that because of those quality traits you are screwed.


Yes you read right, the infinite wisdom of D.C. has created an absolute can’t miss idea.  We will fix felon joblessness by tilting the system in their favor.  Don’t think it does?  You think this brings balance?  Understand that if two people could be hired, one a con, and the other clean, the person not worth a tax credit is at a significant disadvantage.  But wait there is more,


On food stamps?  Great you are hired.  But don’t expect to get very good pay.  Do I want to shut these folk out?  Nope.  Not at all.  But I don’t believe in creating a policy based on special treatment.  It is a major reason I am conservative.  You bat, you hit, and the home run part is up to you.  Don’t expect me to cater to your whining.

I am looking for work, as I do internet marketing and it is growing slowly, and when I apply I always get the fill this survey out as we are eligible for tax credits.  Invariably I don’t qualify under these standards.  Invariably I hear crickets from HR departments.  But still I push on, confident that the like minded will find me and I will be rewarded for my efforts.  But message to idiot liberals, I refuse to rob a bank to eventually get a job.  And the Berklunacy continues.