Last Minute Info to Help Bob Turner

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Hello All,

It all comes down to the final push. We need all hands on deck. Below you will find the final details for today and tomorrows events.

For rides to polling site: Please call or email Pat Mchugh-917-304-6636 or [email protected]

Poll site locatorhttp://gis.nyc.gov/vote/ps/index.htm

We will have a Brooklyn Election Day HQ, details below.

Please come out to support Bob with Rudy Giuliani during a 2PM News Conference- LOCATION: Station Square, 71st Avenue at the Forest Hills Long Island Railroad Station. 
(Station Square, Queens, NY 11375.)

10AM- 9PM
Any help on phones or district walking will help get people to vote. Even with the polls in our favor (6 POINTS!) we have to make sure to get the voters out tomorrow. Please stop by the office at your convenience, we will have materials ready for you!
Head Quarters:
159-49 Cross Bay Blvd, Howard Beach 11414

6PM & 8 PM
There will be training sessions at headquarters TONIGHT at 6PM and 8PM.  Poll watcher certificates and poll assignments will be handed out at the meeting.  You are REQUIRED to present the certificate to serve as a poll watcher.  Please RSVP to indicate if you will or will not be able to attend.  If you are unable to attend, we will e-mail you your certificate and poll assignment by e-mail.


Buckley’s 2926 AVE Brooklyn, NY 11229
ALL Brooklyn GOTV will be based here, including walk list and phone banks.

Election Night Party-
 Roma View, next door to headquarters. 160-05 Crossbay Blvd, Howard Beach 11414. Be there for the results to come in!

Last but not least please remember to vote tomorrow and to tell all your friends. Lets bring this home with a win.

Brittany Belt
Deputy Campaign Manager

Reba Cox
Finance and Field Coordinator

Office Number 718-480-1972