The Redstate Contributors' GOTV Talking Points Open Thread

I hope that all of you here will share you GOTV (that’s “Get Out Out The Vote”) efforts in this crucial election.

How many phone calls did you make?

How many doors did you visit?

If you live in a very red or very blue district, how many calls did you make for other conservative candidates not in your district?

Me? I’ll confess I called and visited the doors of one-sixth of the 1,311 Republicans in my precinct, as I live in a precinct within a competitive U.S. House district and state house district.

I visited about 200 households and made about 100 calls. Took about six hours. Six hours of real, basic, American Civics action that will increase the Republican vote. And I know it works because I can learn after the election whether they actually voted. And I know it works because real voters told me they would now vote.

Tomorrow, I will be making more calls. To those voters who need yet another “gentle nudge” to get to the polls.

Looking forward to all the RedStater replies about what each of you have done to actually increase turnout. Your experiences will help inspire other conservatives to get involved in real Get Out The Vote activities that matter.

In my precinct, based on early ballot turn in numbers, about 56% of early ballot voters have turned in their ballots. A good sign.

More from my county chairman (65% of Republican voters live in Maricopa County):

I requested a real time early ballot report from Maricopa County Elections today.
Below is the status as of 11:55am 10/31/2014.
PARTY Early Ballots Early Ballots Percent Early Ballots
Requested Returned Returned Remaining

Republican 497,391 229,147 46.07% 268,244
Democrat 369,525 146,539 39.66% 222,986
Other 418,270 125,247 29.94% 293,023
Libertarian 10,837 2,569 23.71% 8,268
Americans Elects 228 53 23.25% 175

Totals 1,296,251 503,555 38.85% 792,696

The overall number of early ballots returned are low considering we only have 3 days
left until election day. However, the Percent Returned for Republicans is leading the

I know many of our precinct committeemen and volunteers have been working real
hard on GOTV, and will be working even harder these next 4 days. Please keep up
your efforts as we round the final turn and head for the finish line.

Again, looking forward to all of your personal stories about how you increased Republican turnout.

Thank you,
The Precinct Project’s Blog