If the "Conservative Base" Exists, Where is it? How to make it Politically Powerful.

[Originally published at UnifiedPatriots.com]

Many conservatives here and elsewhere make reference to the “conservative base,” usually in the context of some alleged misdeed of “the Establishment Republican leaders.”

If this conservative base exists, why is it not running the Republican Party?

If this conservative base exists, why is it not winning the primary elections, defeating Republicans Other Than Conservatives (“ROTCs”)?

Answer: ROTCs have been suiting up and getting into the real ball game of politics inside the Party for decades while conservatives have stayed on the sidelines, complaining about those who are actually out on the field.


The real ball game of politics is played by those who show up to play ball “inside” the party — and that means becoming voting members of the political party. Again, quite simply, ROTCs have been doing this in greater numbers than conservatives. And when it comes to electing the Party officers at the precinct level, the local district Party committee level, the county Party committee level, and the state Party committee level, in general, ROTCs have been winning these internal Party officer elections and delegate elections. Majority rules. ROTCs have been in the majority; conservatives — inside our political party, by contrast — have been in the minority. ROTCs have been in the majority where it matters in terms of control of the Republican Party; conservatives, by contrast, have been elsewhere. Ultimately resulting in the Chairmanship of the Republican Party National Committee being occupied by someone who is not quite a conservative (although there have been quite a few in the recent past who have claimed they were conservative).

The “lowest level” political unit of the political parties is the precinct. If an individual conservative wants to become a ball player in the real ball game of politics, so as to help conservatives win control of the best political tool for defeating the Democrats at the ballot box, then he has to become a voting member of the Republican Party.


Of course we have many conservatives doing great things in many different conservative groups. But we conservatives need to unite in the single best political organization for defeating the Democrats at the ballot box, and that organization is the Republican Party. Not just registering as a Republican voter. Not just sending money to your county or state Party committee or the Republican National Committee. Not just blogging about issues. Indeed, not just voting. But taking the next step: becoming a voting member of your local Republican Party committee.

As you may know, about 400,000 of these slots exist across the country’s precincts, but only about 200,000 of them are filled.

Do you know the name of your voting precinct? Its boundaries? Your precinct’s Republican Party precinct committeemen? Have you ever attended the monthly meeting of your local Republican Party committee?

When I speak to conservative groups, I have used the following graphic to make the point that we conservatives must now unite to become more powerful politically.

2013-03-03 Neighborhood Precicnt Committeeman Strategy all conserv groups should unite inside the Party

Then I remembered this Revolutionary War Era poster that made the point to the colonists attempting to fight off the tyranny of King George.

2014-06-26 unite or die flag

So I modified it to make the same point today.

2014-07-28 Unite or Die poster updated cropped

Occasionally, I come across a rare occurrence — a Republican State Chairman actually encouraging conservatives to get involved at the precinct level where they live; in other words, encouraging the individual members of the “conservative base” to unite and organize where they live, politically, to become politically powerful.

Here is Washington Republican Party Chairwoman Susan Hutchison succinctly explaining how vital it is for Republicans to unite and organize inside the Republican Party where they live by becoming “precinct committee officers” (what they call precinct committeemen in the state of Washington).

And here is another short, general video explaining why conservatives must unite and organize inside our Republican Party where we each live and how easy it is to do so.

Conservatives, we need you united inside the Republican Party.

We must change our Party.

So we can change the outcome of the primary and then general elections.

To do those things, we must outnumber, inside our Party, the ROTCs.

Shall we?

Shall you?

If you want more information, please go to the site linked below.

Thank you.

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