A Very Good Book To Debut April 8: "TAKEOVER." Provides A Real Political Strategy For Conservatives

A couple of days ago, a friend alerted me to the impending publication of Richard Viguerie’s book “Takeover:  The 100-Year War For The Soul Of The GOP And How Conservatives Can Finally Win It.”

Potentially, this book will be a “game changer” in terms of the title’s objectives.

What’s the strategy?  At the Amazon site, if one clicks on “Look Inside!” on the cover, and reads to page 263, one will learn:

What’s [the] plan for conservatives to take over the Republican Party and govern America according to conservative principles by 2017?

In its simplest form it is this:  Elect a majority of Republican precinct committeemen who subscribe to limited-government constitutional conservative principles in every county in America.

Can such an audacious plan be accomplished?

Yes, if YOU file and run for precinct committeeman or woman in your precinct.

Unlike virtually every other book written by conservatives purporting to lay out a concrete plan to change things, this book actually provides a concrete strategy.

I urge you to read this book and follow its plan.  I have no financial incentive to promote this book.  My only incentive is to reclaim our country politically.  This book explains how to do that.  I will not allow my children to live under socialism — if that is still possible.  I believe it is IF enough conservatives follow the plan and strategy outlined in Chapters 22 and 23 of this book.

Learn more about the book here.

Are you with me?  And the other conservatives already “inside” our Party as precinct committeemen?

If so, please let me know.  And, if not, please let me know.  Approximately 400,000 Republican Party precinct committeeman slots exist in our Party.  Only about half are filled.  Do the math.  If conservatives filled up all the vacancies, knowing that about half of the existing slots are filled by conservatives, our Party would be transformed from a half-strength, ideologically split party into a full-strength party with a 75% conservative majority within its “card-carrying,” “elite” ranks (“elite” because less than one per cent of Republicans can become PCs, and only PCs have the power to elect the Party officers — don’t you want to wield that power?).

Join us.  It’s vital.  It’s rewarding.  It’s fun.

If you don’t join us, think about what you will tell your children if our cause fails.  Why you couldn’t carve out a couple or three hours a month for real political activity inside our Party.

Thank you,