Arizona GOP State Committeemen censure John McCain -- Get "Inside" Our Party. No?

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Again, this did not “just happen.” It happened because enough conservatives got inside the Arizona Republican Party by becoming elected precinct committeemen where they live in their own “political neighborhood” — their precinct. Then, they elected enough conservatives to become a voting majority of conservatives.

All the while they were getting to know one another and organizing and uniting to engineer this kind of political action. They read and studied state committee bylaws. They read and studied their county and legislative district committee bylaws. They volunteered for Resolutions Committee duties. Etc.

Here’s the video I shot today of the debate on the censure resolution and the voice vote.

So, will conservatives continue this trend in other states? The only thing stopping them is . . . them.

In 2008, less than one third of the Arizona Republican precinct committeemen slots were filled. Now, about half are filled. And almost all of the new precinct committeemen are conservatives I and others recruited from the tea party and 9.12 and other grass roots conservative groups. Some are now county or legislative district or state committee officers. And today’s results happened only because conservatives came into our Arizona Republican Party precinct committeemen ranks.

Many of you know the rest of the story.

The conservatives who became Arizona Republican Party precinct committeemen, and who organized and united for real political action inside the Republican Party, made Drudge today and national news. And sent a strong message to “Republican” Sen. John McCain.

So, who’s next?

I hope this helps.

Thank you.


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