When conservatives unite and organize inside their local Party committee, good things can happen

By now you may have heard that on Saturday, January 11, 2014, the Maricopa County Republican Committee precinct committeemen, at the Committee’s biennial Mandatory Meeting, voted to approve a resolution censuring Arizona Sen. John McCain. Here’s local television coverage, including an interview with the precinct committeeman, Timothy Schwartz, who drafted the resolution:

Watch the eight minutes or so of discussion by those precinct committeemen who spoke either for or against the proposed censure resolution prior to the vote:

Matthew Boyle at Breitbart.com wrote a very good article about the censure resolution that includes the text of the resolution:


In 2008, 1,989 Republicans in Maricopa County were elected to the position of precinct committeeman in their respective precincts. At that time, based on the people elected to the Party officer positions in the county and the legislative district committees within the county, and close margins in those elections, approximately one half of the precinct committeemen were conservatives and approximately one half were not conservatives. Thereafter, some conservative precinct committeemen began recruiting conservatives from conservative groups, such as the tea parties and 9.12 groups, to become Republican Party precinct committeeman to create a conservative majority within each committee.

In 2012, about 3,500 Republicans were elected to the office in their respective precincts. And the overwhelming majority of the new precinct committeeman candidates were conservative Republicans. Who had decided they wanted to “do something” politically to change the Republican Party and to help ensure greater numbers of conservative candidates would win the all-important, traditionally-very-low-turnout primary elections. They had learned about The Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman Strategy from those conservatives who had recruited them. And then they carried out the Strategy by becoming elected precinct committeemen in their respective precincts and, in turn, recruiting other conservatives to join them inside the Party.

It’s been estimated about 400,000 Republican Party precinct committeeman slots exist across the precincts in the United States and that about 200,000 of these slots are vacant. Still. The Republican Party is there for the taking by conservatives if they would flock into their respective local monthly Republican Party committee meetings and become voting members of them. The Maricopa County conservative Republicans who became precinct committeemen in 2012 have proven that precinct committeeman is The Most Powerful Position in the World.

Here is a chart that explains how conservatives can become politically powerful:

On blogger suggested the conservative Republican Party war cry for the 2014 primaries should be “Remember Maricopa!”

I like it!

I hope this helps.

Thank you.


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